Our school is a friendly and vibrant community where all of God’s children flourish and gain the knowledge, wisdom and skills needed to care about themselves, their community and their world. We want to make the children active participants in this process and have developed our Young Leaders programme in order to achieve this.

Our Young Leaders projects provide opportunities for our children to advocate for themselves, their community and their world and are driven by the United Nations SDGs as well as our school’s Christian value of service.

Every year the children will complete three projects: one where they advocate for themselves; one where they advocate for their local community; and one where they advocate for the world. The children’s work is celebrated by collecting an award for each of project completed culminating with them collecting their Record of Service at the end of year 6.

As it says in Isaiah 49:1-7: be a “light to the nations,” and to bring about justice on the Earth.

You can see more about our Young Leaders projects on our Facebook page and in the attached document which showcases all or last year’s work.