This section should be read in conjunction with the section on Child Safeguarding.

At our academy we monitor our children’s use of the internet closely and we hope the following information will assist parents and staff in keeping our children safe.

Key Stage 1: – This contains cartoons and games to help children understand eSafety and the pitfalls of being online. There are also printable activities which the children can complete perhaps for homework to bring more attention to parents.

Key Stage 2: – Games and quizzes to do with internet safety and appropriate use of technology.

All Age Groups: – Cartoons and quizzes to create discussion with the class.

Teachers and Parents: – Looks at the wider issues of digital citizenship, including cyberbullying. – Think U Know A site aimed at children who use chat rooms. There is information and guidance as well as some games demonstrating chat room use. – Posters and printables with a esafety theme. – Resources, ideas and information aimed at teachers, parents and carers.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything that is available but it does give a good starting place for activities to build awareness in our classes of how to do the right thing. I have also asked the PSAs to lay out safety leaflets on chairs when classes have parent assemblies in the hope that if everyone has access to them at least some will act on the advice given.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

The internet can be a fantastic place for children and young people where they can talk to friends, be creative and have fun. However, just like in the real world sometimes things can go wrong.

If you or your child are worried or upset about something which has happened on the internet there is help out there.

The academy has a E-Safety protection policy which can be accessed via the following link: St Mary’s Academy Policies