As an academy St Mary’s is a limited company, working under contract to the national government to provide state education free at the point of delivery to our local community. It receives its funding direct from the government rather than the local education authority and has the freedom to develop its own systems, structures and curriculum. It is held accountable via national examinations and national inspection teams such as OFSTED. The local education authority, Kent, has a strategic role in planning education across the county and St Mary’s therefore retains a constructive working relationship with it.

As a limited company St Mary’s has to comply with company law and to submit key documentation as outlined below.


St Marys Academy - Funding Agreement 315.02 KB


St Marys Academy - Incorporation Pack 1.06 MB

    Registered in England
    Registered Name: Folkestone St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy

    Registered Office: Folkestone St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy, Warren Road, Folkestone, Kent. CT19 6QH

    Company Number: 08352159