Our Nursery offers a book lending library in the porch area. All families are invited to borrow our engaging children’s books and audio books.

Children who will be starting school the following academic year are offered reading scheme books to take home. A reading book will only be offered if a child’s reading development and knowledge of phonic sounds are secure for their age.

Every child will take home their Learning Log book once a week. This log informs parents of the exciting events and learning that have taken place that week. Families are encouraged to use this log in a similar way to a diary, attaching photographs and drawing pictures about events at home. Children share these entries at Nursery with their peers.

Nursery families are welcome to borrow story sacks and mathematics games through the academy lending scheme. Please ask Mrs Errington for details.

In our porch area we offer a variety of information for parents to support child development. Please take a look.